$15 Lunch Specials
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
12:00PM - 3:00PM
Catfish with Fries OR Chicken Wings with Fries
As an upscale retreat for those seeking the zenith of nightlife, BlankUS Luxury Lounge has quickly become the gem of Downtown Indianapolis. Debuting in 2022, our lounge has swiftly garnered acclaim, offering guests an immersive experience with live music paired with an exquisite selection of gourmet fare including, but not limited to, grilled salmon and prime ribeye steak. Our adult-only establishment is meticulously crafted for serene relaxation and dining indulgence. At BlankUS, every guest is treated with a premier level of service that's simply unmatched. We encourage you to grace us with your presence and dive into a night of luxurious tranquility. Do note that our vibrant weekend events now feature a cover charge, which varies depending on the performing act. For groups of 10 or more, reservations come with a required deposit to guarantee an impeccable evening. Escape to BlankUS Luxury Lounge today and witness the pinnacle of entertainment and culinary finesse. DRESS CODE To respect the all guest and restaurant staff: Please adhere to the dress code policy! • No excessively revealing clothing (shorts/dresses must cover your entire bottom) • No obscene language or baggy clothing • No house attire (including wave caps, du-rags, house shoes or shower caps) • No exposed undergarments (including sports bras, bras, panties or garments resembling these items) • No swimwear of any kind